Choosing Your Category

Consult with your responsible coach to choose the appropriate category for your ability and future goals in biathlon.

Age ranges listed as of December 31st.

Development Categories

CategoryAge RangeRegulations
Juvenile Girls / Boys11-12Only prone. Standing targets with rest. Coach shuttle.
Junior Girls / Boys11-14Only prone. Prone targets with sling. Coach shuttle.
Dev. Youth Girls / Boys15-18Only prone. Prone targets with rest. Coach shuttle.
Dev. Women / Men19+Only prone. Standing targets with rest. Coach shuttle.

Biathlon Canada & IBU Categories

CategoryAge RangeRegulations
Senior Girls / Boys15-16Biathlon Canada Regulations
Youth Women / Men17-18IBU Regulations
Junior Women / Men19-20IBU Regulations
Women / Men21-34IBU Regulations
Masters Women / Men35+Biathlon Canada Regulations

Cadet Categories

CategoryAge RangeRegulations
Cadet Junior Girls / Boys12-14Rifle on mat. Single load.
Cadet Senior Girls / Boys15-16Rifle on mat. Single load.
Cadet Youth Women / Men17-18Rifle on mat. Single load.

Falcon Lake Facility Category Distances

Information regarding competition category distances, ski courses, and shooting styles for the Biathlon Manitoba Falcon Lake Facility can be found on the competition charts below.