What is Biathlon Manitoba?

Biathlon Manitoba is the Provincial Sport Organization for biathlon in the province of Manitoba. Biathlon is a multi-sport race, combining cross-country skiing with rifle marksmanship.

Incorporated as a non-profit organization, we are a partner of Sport Manitoba, and an affiliate of Biathlon Canada. On behalf of our members, we strive to provide leadership and direction for the development, achievement, and excellence of all athletes.


Our vision for Biathlon Manitoba includes a strong public awareness of the sport of Biathlon and the support services offered to it by our organization. We envision biathlon regarded as a primary sport of choice for Manitobans, with Biathlon Manitoba affiliated clubs established throughout the province. Our ideal is to have our athletes pursuing International caliber, including World Championship and Olympic events.


  • Recognizing that athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and the community are integral components to successful growth
  • Promoting fair play and mutual respect of others
  • Supporting competitive excellence
  • Supporting equality and accessibility
  • Striving to be innovative and action oriented
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through sport


Our mission is to encourage participation and to develop excellence in all aspects of biathlon.

Annual General Meeting

The Biathlon Manitoba Annual General Meeting is held every June. Reports or past years’ minutes are available to current Biathlon Manitoba members on request. Announcements regarding the upcoming AGM will be posted in the Event Calendar.

The AGM Agenda, previous years AGM Draft Minutes, and any relevant documents will be made available prior to the event.


Volunteers are the foundation to the success, safety and enjoyment of supporting and growing the sport of biathlon. If you have attended a race in Manitoba, the festive and community atmosphere is because of the Biathlon Manitoba volunteers. Biathlon Manitoba is committed to treating our volunteers with respect, providing meaningful, enjoyable and challenging opportunities and recognizing their contributions.

Most coaches, officials, race marshals, board and committee members are volunteers. Biathlon Manitoba needs parents to become involved as officials and other roles to conduct a competition, current members to become officials; and for those experienced in the sport with an interest in the sport’s development to become coaches.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact our office.