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What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is an exciting sport that combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting. Doing biathlon is challenging and fun. You can gain from being in biathlon by learning about a truly great sport, getting fit, and meeting friends.

A competitor must ski over a challenging ski course, carrying a .22 caliber rifle on the back*, and stop periodically to shoot at targets in a centrally located range from both the prone and standing positions. The winner will not necessarily be the fastest skier, but the one who ends up with the least shooting penalties and the fastest overall ski time. Shooting penalties are applied for such things as missed targets, improper rifle and ammunition placement, misplacement of skis and poles at the range, etc.

The skiing distance and bouts of shooting differ for the various age categories as well as for male and female competitors.

*Novice competitors do not carry a rifle on their backs. The rifle is handed to them at the range by a range official or coach and the novice will only shoot in the prone position.

Note: Biathlon rifles are not automatic and require low velocity ammunition. They are used strictly for shooting at targets. Biathlon is a perfectly non-violent sport which involves the use of firearms as part of the equipment needs (just as fencing uses swords). Security rules are very strict in biathlon and are enforced by competition officials and by the coaches.

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Vision, Values and Mission Statement
Our preferred future for Biathlon Manitoba includes a strong public awareness of the sport of Biathlon and the support services offered to it by our organization. We would like to see biathlon regarded as a primary sport of choice for Manitobans (like hockey or soccer) with Biathlon Manitoba affiliated clubs established throughout the province. Our ideal is to have our biathletes competing at the National and International levels including World Championship and Olympic events.
-Recognizing that athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and the community are integral components to the successful growth of biathlon in Manitoba
-Promoting fair play and mutual respect of others
-Supporting competitive excellence
-Supporting equality and accessibility in the sport of biathlon
-Striving to be innovative and action oriented in developing the sport of biathlon
-Promote a healthy lifestyle through sport
Biathlon Manitoba is a provincial club-based organization dedicated to promoting the sport of Biathlon in Manitoba. Our mission is to encourage participation in our sport and to develop excellence in all aspects of the sport by providing coaching and facilities to biathletes.
What Does It Take To Be In Biathlon ?
TRAINING – Biathlon Manitoba and its clubs have a schedule of practices, races and camps that you should attend. The experience and coaching you receive will help you to improve your skills and feel good about your achievements. You will have the opportunity to attend camps and races in and outside Manitoba.
If you wish to excel in biathlon, training is important. Training is done on a regular basis.
Winter training involves skiing and combination training. Combination is similar to a biathlon race. Shooting is combined with skiing short distances, this is repeated several times. Combination is important to improve shooting with a heart rate and speed.
Summer training can involve running, cycling, swimming or other activities that are constant and work your heart, lungs and muscles. Precision shooting is done in the summer to improve position and groupings. Biathlon Manitoba runs a Summer Biathlon Series which is similar to the winter series. Instead of skiing, running is done between shooting bouts.
You do not need a skiing background to be in Biathlon. Getting involved in our Summer Biathlon Program will introduce you to shooting and combination skills. The Biathlon Coaches will help you learn to ski in the winter season with some practice.
Winter and Summer training can be done on your own. The Biathlon coaches will help you to create a personal training program.
EQUIPMENT – Equipment is needed to do biathlon. It is important to have skis that you can “skate” on. Skating skis are light weight and should be a little taller than you. Ski poles should be stiff and as high as your chin. Skating boots are a high boot that gives more support. They have a stiff sole which allows more control over the ski. The coaches will help you to purchase the right equipment that will meet your needs and suit your ability. These are available at reasonable prices.
A rifle rental program is available to clubs and to athletes on the Provincial Team, or you can purchase your own, ranging from $700 – $3,000. Otherwise, if you want to just use the ones supplied at the camps and races, you may. Ammunition and a ski wax supply as well as training clothing are the other specifics needed to do biathlon.
COMMITMENT – Biathlon practices and races will take up some of your time. You will have to manage your time, so you can do well in school and sport. Nutrition is also important for doing well in any sport. Eating right will keep you healthy, and your body will benefit from the physical activities you do. Being a biathlete means that sometimes you will have to sacrifice other activities to participate. At the elite level the sacrifices become greater; a serious biathlete may give up many social activities to train or participate in races, as travel time is necessary to get to a site for a weekend competition or camp.
Biathlon requires time, physical effort, and financial outlay. In return, Biathlon can give you great experiences, opportunities to compete and travel, and a healthy lifestyle.

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