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Online Registrations 2016-2017


Weekend Work Party Volunteers Needed,October 29 –30.

We’ll be having a work party this upcoming weekend to finish cutting and raking the grass around the start line and penalty loop. It is time to get ready for when the snow comes,so we will need willing volunteers to bring weed wackers (gas),rakes,work gloves,and rubber boots.

Hopefully,we can get many hands out there!

Revised Events Calendar For The 2016 –2017 Season:

Race and Events Schedule 2016 –2017.

Photos from the Downtown Nordic Masters Biathlon Clinic:

Follow this link to see what was happening at Falcon Lake this last weekend. Downtown Nordic held their 2nd Annual Masters Biathlon Clinic and the turnout was impressive! Thanks to all the volunteers and coaches who provided support to make this a smooth-running and fun event.


Upcoming Masters Clinic at Falcon Lake,September 11,2016

Save the Date –September 17-18,2016 Training Camp at Falcon Lake

Biathlon Manitoba will be holding an open training camp at Falcon lake on September 17-18,2016. Many of you registered for the June camp and have paid the registration fee. These fees will be applied to the rescheduled camp. Anyone else wishing to attend this camp will also be able to register on zone 4 at:

Biathlon Manitoba’s Event schedule for 2016-2017

September 17-18,2016
Fall Training Camp – Falcon Lake

October 29-30,2016
Canada Games Athlete identification camp – Falcon Lake

December 17,2016
Camp/Clinic/ Manitoba Cup (Dependent on Weather Temperature,and Snow) – Falcon Lake

January 7-8,2017 (Jan. 7 – Nordic race;Jan. 8 – Biathlon race)
Falcon Lake Combined Cross Country / Biathlon Manitoba Cup #1
Jan. 7 –Biathlon open house in afternoon after Nordic race.

January 28,2017
Manitoba Cup #2 –Falcon Lake

February 4,2017
Manitoba Cup #3 – Birch Biathlon facility

February 18-19,2017
Manitoba Provincials,Manitoba Cup #4 &#5 – Falcon Lake

February 25,2017 Manitoba Cup #6 – Falcon Lake (Still Tentative)

February 24-26,2017
Biathlon Eastern Championships – Quebec City

March 5,2017
Manitoba Cup # 7 –Birch Biathlon facility

March 7-12,2017
Canadian National Biathlon Championships –Prince George,BC

PLEASE NOTE:Western Championships have yet to be scheduled.

Notice of Annual General Meeting –Tues,June 7th

Biathlon Association of Manitoba

145 Pacific Ave. Winnipeg,MB R3B 2Z6

Ph. (204) 925-5687 Fax (204) 925-5792

Notice of Meeting


Annual General Meeting

Tuesday,June 7,2016

Starts at 6:30 P.M.

Sport Manitoba

145 Pacific Avenue


All voting members 16 years of age and over must

have paid all outstanding dues to the Association

by this time.

2016-2017 Biathlon Canada &BAM memberships online now

Please take this opportunity to log on to the Zone4 page for Biathlon Canada and renew your membership for the upcoming season.  Remind family and friends that we need as many members as possible,so they can sign up for a supporter membership at a very nominal fee.  Click here to go directly to the Zone4 page, or you can click on the registration button on the home page.

Support Biathlon in Manitoba and across Canada!

2016-2017 Rifle Rental Info updated

For Rifle Rental Policies,contracts and selection spreadsheet,go to the Rifle Policy page,which has just been updated for the 2016-2017 season.

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