Facility Upgrades Update

Well, winter appears to be bearing down and with that, is the 14-15 biathlon season.  As you may have heard, seen or been part of, a number of improvement projects at the Falcon Lake Biathlon facilty have been initiated.  Here’s what’s been going on:

1. Widening of the Piggly Wiggly loop to facilitate better race lines and grooming by Pisten Bully.
2. Cutting a new .12 km x 10m wide trail that straightens the approach to the Goliath hill for the CWG age and Masters class racers.
(I think you could land a small plane there)
3. Widening and straightening the lines on the outbound main trail after the bridge to ~6m+ wide.
4. Clearing a new merge off the reverse Red trail decent to join the Orange Black Trail to ~ 20m wide
5. Widening the orange brown trail to the High Lake junction to~ 6 m wide.
6. Widening and camber removal from confusion corner to the range climb/finish junction to ~6m+ wide.
7. Removal of the bluff at the finish junction.
8. Cutting and clearing a brand new 5m+ pedestrian only corridor from confusion corner to the start/ finish area.
9. Mowing of all the biathlon use trails.
10. Siding and Painting of the bathroom and change room.
11. Siding as well as exterior fascia and soffit on the range house
12. Increasing the range capacity to 20 lanes and targets from 17
13. Construction of the new athlete warm-up and storage garage in the marshaling area near the end of the pedestrian corridor.  Less surface damage and congestion on the range.

It’s very possible I may have missed some of the work done, but I would never want to miss thanking the individuals who have donated their time, equipment and expertise.  The wealth and breadth of skill sets within our family of volunteers is truly amazing and inspiring.  I would be safe to say I don’t think our sport will ever see  a combination of visionaries, skills, equipment, brute strength and determination witnessed over the past few years, but I hope I am wrong.

I would also like to take this time to thank those who have supported our initiatives through the planning and penning of valuable grants and bureaucracy.  Without the dough and the paperwork, it’s no go!
In addition I would like to thank Craig, Barb, Kaleigh and Ryan for their guidance, monetary contribution and new found energy and commitment to the Biathlon facility and trails.

That being said, Its time to wrap up a couple of the projects close to completion above and we are asking/begging for your help one more time.

On Sat/Sun November 22/23 we are organising  the “one more push” work completion party. We will be traveling out to Falcon after the swap meet at Windsor on  Sat. the 22 at ~10:00am to complete the following:
1. Finish installing the garage and man doors on the new athlete warm up.(2 people 2 hrs)
2. Install the benches and shelves in the new athlete warm up. (2 people, 2 Hrs)
3. Build the ramp access to the new athlete warm up. (2 people 2 hours)
4. Finish the Fascia and soffit on the range house. (2 people 4-5 hrs)
5. For those of you really seeking the glory………….. cutting the trail across the frozen beaver pond(yup, it’s a new job every season due to the beaver kill freezing into the ice). (4-6 people, 4-6 hrs).
It would be nice to clean-up everything at the range on Saturday, and dedicate all efforts to the beaver pond trail on Sunday.

Please let me know, kovachik@mymts.net if you can attend one or both days as your help is greatly appreciated.
Tools will be provided, but if you have an axe or long iron bar, please bring it along for Sunday.
Car pooling is a possibility as is staying at the chalet if we can arrange it, TBA.

Thank you so much for all your past, present and future (hint hint) help,

Jim Kovachik