Jessica Biggs receives Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

The following announcement was posted on the Biathlon Canada site recently.  Read the article below or click on the LINK to go to the site.


Jessica Biggs recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jessica Biggs recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal as presented by the Canadian Forces, Regional Cadet Support Unit. Jessica has been involved as an officer in the Cadet Instructor Cadre for several years. Not only does she work as a training officer with a local cadet squadron, but for the past few years she been an instructor during the summer for the Gliding Scholarship Course at the Regional Gliding School (Prairie).  Jessica first became involved with biathlon through the cadet program. She enjoyed it so much that she joined Biathlon Manitoba. Not only does Jessica train to compete herself, but she also coaches a very successful cadet biathlon team. Both her male and female team represented Manitoba at the 2013 Cadet National Biathlon Championships. Jessica balances her busy schedule not only while working a part-time job but also while attending the University of Manitoba fulltime. She will be graduating next year with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Option. Jessica is truly a dedicated athlete and great role model.


Jessica joins the list of individuals below who have all received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and made a significant contribution to the development of biathlon in Canada:

*Joanne Thomson

* Stephen Hale

* Ray Kokkonen