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Volunteers make our events successful

Hello Everyone,
Thank you to all who volunteer at Biathlon Manitoba events.  As you
know, due to the nature of the (dual) sport, many officials are
required to ensure the safety of athletes, spectators and
volunteers.  We have not done the best job in letting folks know just
how many volunteers are needed to run a Manitoba Cup event.  In other
words, we have not asked, so folks don’t necessarily know they are

Here’s a pile of trivia.  In addition to the work of the trail
groomer, did you know that:
– it takes about six people hours to set up the range, if nothing is
broken (something is almost always in need of repair),
– it takes about two people hours to set up the start/finish and
penalty loop areas,
– it takes about four people hours to strike the race, i.e. put
everything away and prepare rifles for transport,
– a minimum of 23 officials are needed for each event (registration:
1, range: 10, results: 2, start/finish: 2, penalty loop: 4, course
marshals: 4),
– in addition to coaches, at least three rifle handlers are required.

That brings the total number of volunteers needed to 26 –
ish.  Thirty would be awesome!  In the past, volunteers have taken on
multiple roles at events.

The Biathlon Provincials are coming up, February 27 and 28.  There is
a race each day.  Please volunteer if you can – before, during and/or
after each event.  RSVP to Steve Broda-Milian (,
– for which day(s) you are volunteering,
– your availability before, during and/or after each race,
– a job preference, if you have one.

Thanks once again!

Falcon Lake Combined Event a Success!

January 16th and 17th was a busy weekend on the trails and range at Falcon Lake.  Saturday was a CCSAM sponsored XC ski race which brought out nearly 100 competitors.  Despite the lack of snow, the races were a success!  In the afternoon, racers were invited to the Biathlon range to try their skills under the supervision of a BAM athlete.  The open house was very well attended.

On Sunday, the first race of the BAM season got underway, after the cancellation of the Dec 20th race.  Due to the open house on Saturday, there were a large number of new racers and the event turned out to be one of the largest in recent history!  Check out the results here