U14 Summer Activity Guidelines

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather! Although it feels like we just ended the biathlon season, we would like to see the athletes maintain all the work they put in over the winter months. By remaining active throughout the summer, we can keep the strong endurance base you have build over the training season. It is important when exercising throughout the summer that the activity is hard enough to get a good work out. We have attached two diagrams below to help show you the different zones of exercise. When you are training from moderate to vigorous you should stay within the number 4 to 8 zones. Overall, each week we would like to see at least:

• 3 Training Sessions per week

• One Session of Physical Activity Should be AT LEAST 30 Minutes Long

• 180 Minutes Total per Week

• Moderate to Vigorous Intensities

• Each Within Number Zones 4-­‐8

Some options to be active include: – Stair Climbing – Cycling/Spinning/Biking – Swimming – Rope Skipping – Rowing/Kayaking/Canoeing – Sports (Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, etc.) – Hiking/Hill Bounding – Jogging/Running – Aerobic Dance – Step Aerobics – Roller Skiing/Rollerblading/Roller Skating

This is not a complete list! If you would like to participate in a different activity and are not sure if it counts towards training, send an email to Nicole or Rachel to find out more. n_czajka@hotmail.com rkoroscil@gmail.com Thank you for the great year! Can’t wait to see you all at the summer camps.

Keep up the good work, Rachel and Nicole

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