Memberships Needed!

Hi to all, As  indicated  below, the Biathlon Canada on line registration system will be accepting membership registrations for a few more days . As our provincial membership is down for the first time in six years, I would encourage anyone who has not registered Provincially and Nationally this season to consider  going on line and registering  You can go to either the Biathlon Manitoba website or Biathlon Canada website and follow the link. If you have children who are Biathletes you should also be members.  If you help out at events you should certainly be registered (for insurance), and if you simply wish to support a great sport at the local and national level you could also consider registering . Thank you




Please be reminded that the deadline for membership for this past season is March 31.  The online system will be open until midnight on April 3 to allow for individuals to sign up.  For divisions who know of groups or clubs that are not yet registered, can you please have them register online or email me with the information so that we can plan for it.  I need to include all membership revenues in my year end financials for the audit in April.


Thank you for your attention to this.



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