A message for CWG athletes from Gregg Campbell!

Canada Winter Games Athletes

April 1, 2010

In preparation of the Canada Winter Games in Halifax everyone will have to train consistently to earn a spot on the team and to have a successful competitive season.. It will take a team effort AND solid smart training from every athlete. February 11 – 20th is only 10 short months away and to ensure a strong healthy week at the Games, training begins now.

This year training cycles or phases will be designed per month. Try to stay within 10 % of the training plan and record everything you do on I-Log. You are allowed only one mulligan per month. That means that everyday is training except for one day per month.  It is always tricky with colds and flues but the minimum is either a 25 min run or 30 min weights or dry-firing.

April is the month where I encourage running, hiking, paddling or biking. Listen to your body and be aware of your Zones of Optimal Performance (ZOP). Start tuning into when your body feels the best.  Use “coping strategies” to recover or get into the right state of mind.

As mentioned in the Training Program I want you to record morning heart rates and sleep hours. It is not critical what these numbers are to start with because everyone is different but when a pattern changes it will be a good indicator. I feel the big difference this spring will be the dry-fire hours you will be putting in and the rifle holding. The testing at the beginning of the month (3,000 m run) will be performed again at the end of the month so be prepared.

525 hours of training per year is a real commitment but I feel all of you can do it. Every month will be hard. The intensity and the hours will be gradually increasing until they peak just before the race season. There will be more flexibility in the program this spring but I would like to see the total hours completed without more than 10% deviation. This year means TRAIN EVERYDAY, no exceptions.

We will represent Manitoba at the Canada Games with the best team possible and that means everyone must do their own part. Train when others are not. Good Luck.

Gregg Campbell (Canada Games Coach